Monday, April 2, 2012

All the world's a stage, and the men and women merely victims of jihad on it...

Apologies to Shakespeare but with the attack against a Tunisian theatre and its actors and patrons on World Theatre Day it seemed appropriate.

Salafists seem to misunderstand Islam quite consistently, don't they?

From Ahram March 31 by Yasser Seddiq

Salafists attack Tunisia's stage actors

A group of Salafists and their supporters attacked a crowd of stage actors who gathered at Habib Bourguiba Avenue, in front of the Municipal Theatre in the Tunisian capital, to celebrate the World Theatre Day, according to Tunisia's media.

In a statement, Tunisia's artists said the Salafists smashed instruments, kept artists away, occupied the location and attacked a number of participants in the event.

Allegedly, security men at the event initially did nothing, and when they acted they only moved the artists inside the Municipal Theatre.

A statement from artists condemned both the interior and culture ministries for failing to protect the actors from Salafist violence. Tunisia's stage actors called on political parties, especially those in the government coalition, and NGO's to condemn the violent campaign by Salafists against freedom of speech in the north African country.

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