Thursday, January 26, 2012

Egypt: MB again says no to Israel

Again and again and again, the Muslim Brotherhood has rejected any relationship with Israel.  despite their vacillation in the past, they now have made clear their intentions with Israel; no recognition, no diplomacy, no contact.

Despite all this, our beloved leader still insists on making nice with the MB, as they are, in Obama's own words, "moderate" and deserving of a place at the table of peacemakers.  Clueless and dangerously misguided, we will, in the end pay the price of our ignorance; an Egyptian government opposed to Israel and Western influence, a constitution enshrining sharia as the only law allowed, and Islam the only accepted religion.  It isn't as though this would be new to us, we did just that with Afghanistan and Iraq and will pay the price for that in the years to come, just as we will with Egypt.

This is one of too many examples where the alligator will eat us last.

From AlMasry AlYoum January 25

Brotherhood vows to shun Israeli officials

The Muslim Brotherhood will not speak or meet with Israeli officials and its stance on Israel is not up for discussion, group spokesperson Mahmoud Ghezlan told London-based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper.
Remember that that the next time someone says the Muslim Brotherhood is good for Egypt and the Middle East.
 “It’s illogical to have dialogue, any dialogue, in light of the Israeli practices against the Arab peoples,” the paper quoted him as saying in an article published Wednesday.
Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Yigal Palmor told Israeli radio that Israel has not ruled out talks.
“We will be happy to hold dialogues with whoever wants to have dialogue with us,” Palmor said.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party controls 47 percent of the seats in the newly formed People’s Assembly, but the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces is still running the executive branch of Egypt’s government.
Some fear that Islamists will push for ending the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel.
Don't bet against it.
Western officials met with several Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist leaders after People’s Assembly elections.
Ghezlan said the group had not received a similar invitation from the Israeli Embassy in Cairo, but that any such request would be rejected.

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