Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's the Christians...always the Christians, except when it's the Jews

In this case it is the Christians, and those sneaky believers in Christ are doing their best to convert Muslims away from the last, best and one true faith under Allah.  All manner of deceit is used to lure poor, unsuspecting Muslims into the trap of Jesus, and woe be those caught involved in such schemery.

Question; if Islam is the supposed perfect religion, Muhammad the perfect man and those who believe are the best of men, strongest in faith, why the concern about some renegade preachers?  Is Islam that weak whereby any attempt to show another belief system is seen as a direct threat, to be countered with violence and death?  Maybe we need an explanation from those claiming that Islam is the religion of peace; Hooper, Aslan, Armstrong, Esposito, Mogahed, anybody?

From The Malaysian Insider January 28

Hasan Ali: Christians going undercover to convert Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 28 — Former Selangor Islamic affairs executive councillor Datuk Hasan Ali claimed today Christian ministers have resorted to handing out electronic gadgets and wearing kopiah (skullcaps) to mosques in their efforts to convert Muslims.
The Gombak Setia assemblyman, who was sacked from PAS and the state government earlier this month, told an anti-apostasy rally in Kepala Batas, Penang that Muslims in the country were vulnerable to these methods due to their lack of faith.
He said that when he was Selangor executive councillor, he received at least 60 reports of apostasy including how Muslims were enticed with money and given gifts of laptop computers, cameras, cars, monthly food provisions and gadgets like solar-powered bibles.
“There were reports of foreign Christian ministers wearing Muslim skullcaps and attending prayers at a certain mosque in Petaling Jaya to establish a communal relationship with Muslims before converting them.
“I was told these international Christian groups have unlimited funds,” he told a crowd of about 2,000, a tenth of Himpunan Sejuta Umat’s (Himpun) targeted 20,000 attendess.
The coalition of Muslim NGOs has organised several such gatherings in response to the “challenge of Christianisation”.
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