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Muslim face-biter acquitted of injuring Jewish man during "Israel Apartheid Week" last year

Yep, he bit him on the cheek because he was there to "disrupt, antagonise and provoke reactions" according to defense attorney Srikantharajah Nereshraaj.  Witnesses described a different scene, but in the end Mohammed Abdelkarim was let go.  At the reading of the verdict, supporters of Abdelkarim were heard to shout "Zionists always lose."  

Whoops, their anti-semitism is showing.

From The Jewish Chronicle January 26

'Zionists always lose' chant as SOAS cheekbiter 

is acquitted of assault

A PhD student who bit a pro-Israel campaigner on the cheek at SOAS Israel Apartheid Week has been acquitted of assault.
Mohammed Abdelkarim was accused of biting Dean Gold on the face during a tussle on March 20 last year, smashing his camera to the ground. He was cleared of both assault and criminal damage. Palestine Solidarity Campaign activists in the public gallery cheered and whooped as the verdict was announced, shouting, "Zionists always lose," at Mr Gold's family and friends as they left court.
The scuffle took place as Mr Gold was filming an unidentified man making obscene remarks about the Holocaust.
In footage played to the court, an elderly black man rants to the camera: "Six million Jews lined up outside the gas chambers like lambs to the slaughter." Mr Gold said: "I was very distressed. I thought, this must be illegal. I remembered I had my camera, so I asked him if he minded being filmed."
Mr Abdelkarim is then heard approaching and asking the man if he minds being filmed, telling the man he will "knock it [the camera] off" if he does not wish to be filmed.
But the subject replies: "I have nothing to hide." Mr Gold alleged that Mr Abdelkarim then launched himself at him. "He was growling and my cheek was pinned between his teeth, I felt like he was trying to bite my ear off. I could feel his breath and him moving towards my ear. My cheek was clamped, vice-like, in his teeth."
The defence argued that it was Mr Abdelkarim who had been first punched by Mr Gold, and then pinned in a bear hug, before resorting to biting Mr Gold in order to free himself.
Srikantharajah Nereshraaj, defending, said the pro-Israel activists had been present to "disrupt, antagonise and provoke reactions" at what he described as a "Palestinian cultural event."
Mr Abdelkarim said the Israel campaigners had apparently ignored his requests not to take pictures of his two young children. Israeli film student Roy Goldman, who was called as a witness, agreed that he had been filming and taking pictures at the event.
Mr Abdelkarim told the court he was "not a political person" and had come to the event with his family for food and face-painting. "I did not want my children appearing in any footage at all," he said. He had noticed Mr Gold filming. "I could see they [his children] would appear in the background."
When in a public setting there is no expectation of privacy, thus pictures of anyone, at any time are perfectly legitimate and not against any law.  Abdelkarim may not like someone filming him, but he can do nothing legally.  Yet he gets off and walks as free man.
Both men were originally charged with assault, but charges against Mr Gold were dropped. Three witnesses from the pro-Israel campaign outside the university gave evidence, as did others attending the event.
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