Friday, January 27, 2012

Britain: stupid jihadist tricks in Bolton

Asim Kausar didn't see a problem keeping all his jihad secrets on a thumb drive.  The ricin recipe, bomb-making instructions, everything.  After all, he kept it plugged into the home computer at all times, and did not think anyone would ever need to look at it.  The only way anyone would ever see what was on the drive would be, oh I don't know, may a burglary captured on video from the home CCTV cameras and saved on that thumb drive, then given to the police to watch.

Wait...that's what happened?  Really?  No one is that stupid, are they?


From the BBC January 27

Asim Kausar jailed over ricin recipe find
Asim Kausar
Expert on stealth jihad

Asim Kausar, 25, from Bolton, kept the information on a computer pen drive.
The material only came to light after Kausar's family suffered a burglary and the memory stick was handed in to police.
Kausar pleaded guilty to four charges under the Terrorism Act at Manchester Crown Court.
The memory stick contained details about ricin, assassination and torture techniques, and how to construct improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Police had been given it so officers could view CCTV images of the break-in stored on the device.
They then came across the terror-related information.
'Thirst for knowledge'
The documents were entitled Improvised Munitions Handbook and Unconventional Warfare Devices and Techniques.
Kausar, who has a previous conviction for battery, told officers he had downloaded the information out of "curiosity and a thirst for knowledge".
This curiosity and thirst for knowledge, has anyone asked Asim if he got it from the Qur'an? 
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