Friday, January 27, 2012

Islamophobia in Iran

It's not the kind you may be thinking of.  The parliament speaker in Iran, Ali Larijani just made a statement of support for the new Islamic parliament of Egypt.  Larijani evidently is seeing something in Egypt that we in the West refuse to see; the rise and entrenchment of traditional Islam, including sharia law.

Interesting, as I have pointed out here many times, that if I say that Egypt is moving towards doctrinal Islam and its concurrent sharia, and use sources and references to back my claims, I am called that laundry list of names; Islamophobe, anti-Muslim, bigot, racist, you know the drill.  I wonder if in this instance, those who call me names will instead hurl that vitriol at the ones truly deserving of it, with Larijani being the latest note.

History says no.

From Egypt Independent January 26

Iranian leader: Egypt’s new parliament a step toward Islamic regime

The inauguration of Egypt's new parliament is an important step toward fulfilling public demands for the establishment of a regime based on Islam, said Ali Larijani, speaker of the Iranian parliament, in a letter on Wednesday. The letter was sent to Saad al-Katatny, People's Assembly speaker.
In the letter, Larijani extended his congratulations to Katatny and expressed pleasure that the latter had been elected as parliamentary speaker.
In the message, posted on Al-Alam channel online, Larijani also said he hoped that brotherly ties between the two countries would grow stronger.
Given the importance of parliamentary cooperation in the development of bilateral relations, Iran's parliament is ready to help promote parliamentary collaboration, Larijani said.
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