Friday, January 27, 2012

Pakistan Foreign Minister: Islam is misunderstood but democracy will come to Islam

In other words, it is our fault we misunderstand Islam, even though it has been hijacked by "illerate and irresponsible" people, and that it is democracy which will become part of Islam, not the other way round.

We appreciate the threat, but will stand firm in our beliefs that the danger is within Islam until you prove otherwise.  At least some of us will.

From The Economic Times January 26

Islam 'most misunderstood' religion in world: Hina Rabbani Khar

DAVOS: Islam is the "most misunderstood" and "misrepresented" faith in the world, Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar said today and acknowledged that illiterate and irresponsible people have been allowed to take the religion in their hands.
"In my mind Islam is the most misunderstood and misrepresented religion in the world. For example, Islam is the one religion that reinforces respect for women but we, the entire world must take responsibility because we have let Islam to be misrepresented," Khar said during a debate on Democracy at the World Economic Forum ( WEF) here.
How does 4-34 get misrepresented? It says to beat women if they misbehave.  That is not respect in any way.
She said Islam supports best of the democracies and her country would become the best example of this fact in ten years of time.
"If you ask whether Islam will come in the way of democracy, it is the other way round. Islam supports best of the democracies. Islam and democracy are not contradictory forces. They are rather supportive forces. Pakistan will become the best example of this fact in ten years of time.
"We have to take Islam away from the hands of the left overs of the society. We have let illiterate and irresponsible people take Islam in their hands. But it is also the duty of the Western world to understand the difference. They have been very biased on various occasions," she added
"A big bias has been shown say in cases like Palestine and Kashmir," she alleged.
We are biased because we support Israel, and we support India in regard to Kashmir.
Boo freakin Hoo.

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Anonymous said...

she is wrong islam is not mispresented it gives very few rights to women neither can it be called a religion of peace and the way she is would never be accepted islam