Friday, January 13, 2012

Tasing in the name of Allah

The just formed Committee for the Prevention of Vice and the Promotion of Virtue in Egypt, in order to show just how "moderate" and equality obsessed they now are, just received 1,000 electric batons, aka Tasers, for crowd control.  They say the zappers are for use only in "extremely necessary" situations, I say they will be used in everyday situations where crowd control is the order of the day.  Or just for fun, if it suits them.

From Ahram Online January 12

Islamist 'Morality Police' to train volunteers in using electric batons
The self-proclaimed Islamist "Morality Police" announced on its new official Facebook page that it has acquired 1,000 tazers to be distributed to volunteers who will promote "virtue" and combat "vice" in the Egyptian street.

The "Morality Police", which models itself on a similar group in Saudi Arabia that monitors citizens social behaviour, added in its announcement that these electric shocks batons will help in self-defence against any possible attacks on volunteers, adding that volunteers would be instructed to use the tazers only in "extremely necessary" situations.

The only attacks against these baton-wielding thugs would come from those opposed to their prevention of vice and promotion of virtue campaign, and it would be "extremely necessary" to quell the attack in any way possible.

The Facebook  page announced that the first field training session for volunteers will be on Thursday evening in El-Mandara neighbourhood in Alexandria.

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