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No conversion back to Islam, says pastor

Sura 2, verse 256:

    "There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing."

As a once Muslim, now Christian it is especially insulting to Islam that he refuses to renounce Jesus and return to the fold of Muhammad.  For this he has been sentenced to death.  This is his last chance to recant, but his faith is stronger than threats from the religion of peace.

From BosNewsLife January 13

BREAKING NEWS: Iran Pastor Nadarkhani Rejects Release Offer

TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)-- Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani has rejected an offer to be released from prison if he publicly acknowledges Islam's prophet Mohammed as "a messenger sent by God" well-informed Christians and rights activists said Friday, January 13.    

Iranian authorities reportedly summoned lawyers for Pastor Nadarkhani to his home city of Rasht on December 30, to explain the deal. Local officials indicated they would release the pastor if he agreed to make the statement about Mohammed, Christians with close knowledge about the situation explained.

"However, Pastor Nadarkhani has refused to do so, and remains in prison awaiting a final decision on his case," confirmed advocacy group Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) in a statement to BosNewsLife.

Christians said the pastor has made clear that making the demanded statement about Muhammed would amount to abandoning his faith in Jesus Christ.

Another source assisting the pastor told BosNewsLife there is concern about the renewed pressure on  Nadarkhani, who faces execution for refusing to recant his Christian faith and return to Islam.


"Keep in mind that brother Youcef has not had a Bible the entire two years and about three months that he has been in prison. He has no access to a computer or the outside world other than meeting with his wife and family," the source said.

Yet, the Christian said that "The Holy Spirit is sustaining him in his faith and endurance". He added that the 34-year-old pastor, who is married with two children, "is healthy in mind and body and his faith is as strong as ever."

Pastor Nadarkhani was detained in the city of Rasht in October 2009, while trying to register his Church of Iran home congregation, with hundreds of members in Gilan province.

The Church of Iran has also several other congregations, making it one of the largest house church movements in the country.

In September 2010 he was tried and found guilty of "apostasy", or abandoning Islam, and sentenced to death by hanging.

As Muhammad said, "Whoever abandons their religion, then kill him"

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