Monday, January 23, 2012

Danish church renames itself in order not to offend Muslims

Sure, this will help.  Change the name to appear inclusive, while giving Islam an open door to slowly change that church into another masjid operation.  Tolerance is a one-way street when it comes to Islam, and by extending tolerance to Islam, one will get in return a slap in the face.  The Danish should know this, but sadly, cultural blindness is not exclusive to Western eyes.

From JP.DK January 22

SF rename Church Ministry

Church Ministry to have new name in order to accommodate the growing population of Muslims in Denmark.
That, at least the left wing of the Parliamentary Church Committee, said TV2 News.
Instead, Church Ministry renamed to Ministry of philosophy of life.
- We are moving definitely towards that people have all kinds of faiths and philosophies of life and we must accommodate, says SF Vigsø Pernille Bagge.

Conservative criticism

Church Minister Manu Sareen (R) is planning an investigation of the religious landscape in spring, and then debate on the Ministry's name begin.
But already now more politicians ready to launch the debate.
The Conservative party chairman, Lars Barfoed, is taking away from the proposal.
"We have a church in Denmark. According to our constitution. The vast majority of the population are members of the church. Our whole culture is based on a Christian humanist basis. Therefore it is natural and right that we have a church ministry that takes care of national church organization and frames. When Socialist People now want to do church ministry to a ministry of faith, I can only see it as a showdown with the church and with an unshakeable Danish values, "says Lars Barfoed

DF: We make it about

The idea of ​​the name change is also not well with the Danish People's Party leader Pia Kjaersgaard.
She says, according to TV2 News that if only come to power again, the first initiative will be to get the Ministry of philosophy of life renamed the Ministry of Ecclesiastical Affairs again.

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