Friday, January 27, 2012

Kenyan military pounding Al-Shabaab, bra bombs now the rage

Jihad mastectomy from the religion of peace.

From CapitalFM January 23

Attack claims 2 Kenyan soldiers, 11 Shabaab

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jan 23 – Two Kenyan soldiers were killed in Somalia on Sunday in a major attack that also left 11 Al Shabaab militants dead.
Military Spokesman Emmanuel Chirchir said a Transitional Federal Government (TFG) soldier was also killed in the air strike.
“Yesterday at around 2300hrs KDF/TFG conducted a raid on an Al Shabaab camp where 11 were killed,” the army spokesman said adding “out of the raid KDF unfortunately lost two of its personnel while TFG lost one.”
Chirchir said several arms were recovered from the slain Al Shabaab militants.
On Saturday, Cyrus Oguna of the Defence Forces said the militia had resorted to using women wearing bras fitted with explosives to further their cause.
Oguna said that the militia was getting desperate and had started using unconventional means to strike back at the Kenyan army.
He added that the outlawed group was also using propaganda, such as killing civilians and claiming they are KDF officials, as their new weapon.
“We are all aware that Al Shabaab for a long time prohibited women from wearing bras. The phenomenon that is emerging now is that Al-Shabaab is using these women who are in their ranks and supplying them with bras that are fitted with explosives and this is something that is critical even to homeland security,” he explained.
He said that they were also dressing up as civilians in a bid to fool both the Somali people and the Kenya Defence Forces.
“They now dress like herders and in one incident, they fired at our troops and our troops fired back and they complained that we were firing at civilians,” he observed.
Copying Hamas and their use of human shields in the form of children and old folks.  Nothing says respect and human rights than killing your own.
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