Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Jew in Pakistan forced to live in hiding

A case of mistaken identity, or misplaced hatred?  A man in Pakistan, when registering for his computerized national ID card, wrote down his name; Jew Jurian.  The clerk, it is reported, upon seeing the name, assumed the man was a Jew, and marked his ID card that way.  When local Muslims discovered this had happened, they immediately labeled Jurian as blasphemous, and attacked him and his family.  He is a Christian,   Now he is in hiding, fearful for his life.

The joys of living as a Muslim in an Islamic country.  Give me more of that.

From The Express Tribune January 9 by Asad Kharal

The name ‘Jew’ lands Christian in trouble

 LAHORE: A man wrote that his name was ‘Jew Jurian’ on his national identity card form. The data entry clerk then assumed he was a Jew. Thus for the first time in the history of Computerised National Identity Cards (CNIC), a Pakistani was officially declared a Jew.

The problem was that he was a Christian.
The bigger problem for Jurian, as he told The Express Tribune, was that he was accused of being a Jew – and subsequently, through the twisted logic of twisted souls, of blasphemy.
After thorough investigations, Jurian was released by the police, along with three others, in May 2003. Almost nine years later, he and his family still face death threats.
Qaiser Azeem, one of the other three men, was stabbed to death two years later. Another, Mushtaq Ahmed, was also shot after testifying against religious extremists accused of terrorism. Despite the families of Jurian and those murdered fleeing the area, death threats still continue. An FIR obtained by The Express Tribune seems to confirm this.
According to the FIR, registered at Bakri police station by Jurian against unknown extremists, the victim (Jurian) was detained for blasphemy in 2002. Despite being declared innocent, he and his family received death threats...
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