Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Death of Free Speech Report: Arab League working on furthering International blasphemy laws

"Valueless and trivial" is how Arab League Chief Nabil al-Araby categorizes the film, and because of that vacuous feeling he wants to have global anti-blasphemy laws passed.  Funny how Muslims are the only ones that kill when insulted, meaning that any law that criminalizes questioning Islam will apply exclusively to Islam.  No other religion murders when their God/prophet/fetish is slighted.  

From the Egypt Independent September 19

Arab League eyes blasphemy bill, Syria solution

Arab League chief Nabil al-Araby said Wednesday that the league, along with the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the European Union and the African Union are close to formulating an international agreement penalizing blasphemy and insults to religious figures.

States should not be blamed for insults to Islam made by some individuals, Araby told reporters at the league's headquarters in Cairo. He renewed his criticism of the US-produced film that denigrates Islam's Prophet Mohamed and has sparked protests around the world, describing it as "valueless and trivial."

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