Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Egypt, now Lebanon files charges against film-makers

And the most distressing part of this is that there are many in the West who applaud and support these measures.  They do not know they are slitting their own throats.

From The Daily Star September 18

Harb says willing to join suit against anti-Islam filmmakers

BEIRUT: March 14 coalition MP Butros Harb said Tuesday that he would be willing to join with other lawyers to file a lawsuit against the makers of a film that insults Islam’s Prophet Mohammad, describing the film’s content as harmful to coexistence.

“I am willing to participate in filing a lawsuit against the filmmakers,” Harb, a lawyer, said in a news conference at his office in Hazmieh, southeast of Beirut.

He added that the film, which was produced in the U.S., harms not only Islam but also “all celestial religions, the Arab Spring and the formula of coexistence.”

“Resorting to protests is justified, but the optimal solution is via a legal framework,” he said, referring to the series of demonstrations organized by Hezbollah this week against the movie.

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