Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Insulting Muslims, haram. Showing Muslims raging over the insult, haram. Censoring free speech, halal

It is a game we will lose as long as we accept the premise that Islam is not to be questioned.  Our capitulation to the Gods of ignorance and a false peace can lead down only one road, that of silence in the face of Islamic hegemony.  I applaud Newsweek for putting on the cover the graphic rage encompassing Islam.  I would only hope that people see it for what it is, a face of hate, rather than what the media wants us to see, the face of Muslims angry that a non-Muslim said something they didn't like about Muhammad and Islam.

From HuffPo September 17 by Jack Mirkinson

Newsweek's 'MUSLIM RAGE' Cover Draws Angry Protest (PHOTO)

The magazine's new issue leads with an article by the highly polarizing Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the protests currently taking place in the Middle East. As if that wasn't enough, the issue's cover is a scorcher. A blaring headline reading "MUSLIM RAGE" sits atop a picture of wild-eyed, bearded, saliva-flecked men:

What I love most about this picture is, we have the collective hatred of 1400 years of Islam expressed on the faces of the two men, and the one on the right has a cellphone in his pocket.  The rage stays the same, only the technology changes.

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