Saturday, September 15, 2012

Special Report: $1.6B aid still going to Egypt, says WH

Paying for the privilege of being attacked by Islam.  Maybe this money will finally soothe the injured psyche of Egyptians and Muslims world-wide, and they will stop attacking us and live in peace.

Uh huh.

From FOXNews September 14 by James Rosen

State Department official: Egypt aid not in jeopardy, though US having 'frank' talks

A senior State Department official tells Fox News the United States' $1.6 billion annual aid to Egypt, the large majority of which goes to the Egyptian military, is not in jeopardy of being withdrawn at this time. "We are having some very frank conversations" with the Egyptians, the aide said.

The U.S. military maintains close, strong and direct contact with Egypt's military, the official said, adding that diplomatic contact between the two nations also continues "at all levels," up to and including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom the aide said had placed calls to top Egyptian officials in the past 72 hours.

Another senior administration official confirmed a New York Times account that President Obama did indeed place a phone call to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and discuss with him the need for Egypt to take adequate steps to protect U.S. personnel in the country. Obama additionally asked Morsi to make a public statement -- and the U.S. president is "greatly appreciative" that Morsi did so, the official said.

The State Department aide told Fox News that "things are looking better" at the U.S. embassies in the Middle East today. "We had feared for today," the aide said, because demonstrators in that region typically stage their protests -- or riots -- following Friday prayers. "It's not looking as bad as we were originally concerned about."

$1.6B to continue the ruse that Egypt is our friend.  Madness.

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