Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Special Report: we have "peaceful" protests in Thailand over blasphemous film

Yet the crowd seemed to content themselves with shouting the usual screeds; "Stop Insulting our Religion", Death to America" and "Death to Israel"

It's nice to know the message has not changed, even if the behavior has...for the moment.

From AP September 18


BANGKOK (AP) -- Police say 400 people have protested peacefully outside the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok against an anti-Islam video produced in the United States that has sparked demonstrations in many Muslim countries.

About 700 police were on hand Tuesday to maintain order for the demonstration, organized by a group called the International Al Quds Federation of Thailand. The group had called for a peaceful protest on its Facebook page.

Protesters carried signs and banners saying "We love Prophet Muhammad" and "Stop insulting our religion," and chanted "Down with America" and "Down with Israel."

A protest leader, Sa-id Sulaiman Husseini, said the world could become a "sea of fire" if the American government does not stop the distribution of the film.

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