Monday, September 17, 2012

Special Report: Al-Azhar University calls for UN to make law to punish those who "insult Islam"

Al-Azhar University in Cairo is the seat of Sunni power.  It is the equivalent of the Vatican, and Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb is as close to a Sunni Pope as you can get, thus his words carry the same weight that a Papal declaration holds.  By calling for anti-blasphemy laws he is speaking (as does the Pope for Catholics) for all Sunnis.  The only religion on the planet that is so weak that they need laws to stop Muslims from feeling demeaned is Islam.  It is a individual choice as to how we react to perceived slights, and the fact that Muslims always act with extreme prejudice and anger is a sign they have little faith in the foundations of Islam, and must kill those who call to question the weak footings Muhammad stands on.  The movie claimed to have started the protests is just a pretext, the attacks against American embassies had been planned since August 30, and the film had shown up just a few days before the attack was to begin.  Sept. 11 was the flashpoint for Islamic anger, and the film just happened to show up at a fortuitous time.  It had been languishing on the 'net for almost a year with nary a peep from Muslims.  It is unlikely it had not been seen by someone in the Islamic world before the dust-up and was probably held as an ace, if you will to use in case Islam needed a believable pretext to cover a military-style planned and executed attack.  By Al-Azhar University calling for anti-blasphemy laws per the UN, they are deliberately perpetuating a lie that is designed to force Western powers to capitulate to Islamic hegemony by passing laws based in the sharia. 

From the Egypt State Information Service September 15

Al-Azhar Imam urges UN to issue law banning insulting symbols of Islam
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr. Ahmed el-Tayyeb in a statement to the Secretary General of the United Nations on Saturday 15/9/2012 stressed the need of a UN resolution to prohibit insulting symbols and sanctities of Islam by some fools and misguided, who do not know the value of social peace among peoples and agitate seditions among them.

Dr. Tayyeb called for punishing those who committed such heinous acts and insulted Prophet Muhammad of Islam.

Tayyeb also urged Ban Ki-moon to work for the adoption of this resolution thus criminalizing insulting symbols of Islam and other religions in order to avoid repetition of such acts in the future.

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