Saturday, September 15, 2012

Special Report: Kuwaiti's mass and protest film that insults Islam

The lie is just about complete, and with it's entrenchment comes no opportunity to counter it with the truth.  We have lost this battle because we refused to fight with the facts, and the next battles will go even worse for us.  Our ability to stand against false propaganda we have given up, for the false belief that the alligator will eat us last.

From AFP/Google September 14

Kuwaitis stage anti-US demo, wave Qaeda flag

KUWAIT CITY — About 500 demonstrators gathered Thursday near the US embassy in Kuwait waving a black Al-Qaeda flag in protest at a film mocking Islam.

The film is a pretext, it had been on YouTube since last year, and was only seen in the Arab world a few days before the attack on the American Embassy in Libya.  The Embassy attack had been planned since August 30.

President Barack "Obama, we are all Osama," they chanted referring to Al-Qaeda's former leader Osama bin Laden who was killed by US forces last year, an AFP photographer at the site of the demonstration reported.

The protesters gathered around 500 metres (yards) away from the US embassy after police forces, heavily deployed in the area, stopped them from reaching the mission.

The demonstrators were joined by five Islamist lawmakers as they called for expelling the US ambassador in the Gulf country.

"The people want to expel the ambassador," they chanted, as one of their banners read: "USA... respect us."

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