Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The middle of the end of America as we know it

The beginning of the Islamic takeover of the US started on 9-11 and has not abated since that time.  We are now at, from my perspective in the middle of the slow but steady acquiescence of American ideals, values and constitutional guarantees to Muhammad and Islam.  The latest murder of the American ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens on September 11, 2012 and the storming of the American embassy in Cairo on the same day are not a random chance meeting of two disparate events; they are the next step, coordinated and executed by jihadists, in the escalating war against the West.

Ambassador Stevens near death at the hands of the religion of peace

We refuse to name the enemy, preferring to obfuscate and dodge the real issue, for fear we will cause more jihad violence.  The State Department, through the embassy in Cairo, in their ever-increasing backwards bending to accommodate Muslim sensibilities released a statement that condemned the murders, but also a capitulation to Islamic norms by saying "We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others."  To hear our State Department say that they believe criticism of Islam is meant to hurt the religious beliefs of Muslims is nothing less than putting sharia law above our constitution and the laws of the land.   Traitorous behavior to be sure, but par for the course for our dhimmi State Department and administration.  If criticism of anybody, anything or any religion is our right, achieved through the blood of patriots and libertarians then there is no leg on which to stand that gives support to restricting the right of free speech.  

 A movie about Islam and Muhammad (see a 12 minute clip of 'Innocence of Muslims' here) is the cause, supposedly of this latest round of jihadi violence.  One would think that the correct response to a perceived slight is education, enlightenment and honest dialogue that gets to the heart of the matter.  Instead, within Islam we get rage, violence, murder and torture as the "natural' reaction, the default position for Muslims.  "Each violent response should compel Muslims to assert Islam’s teaching of tolerance..." says the Christian Science Monitor, unfortunately the point is not well taken in Islamic countries.  Claims of tolerance and peace from the Muslim community, with no theological underpinning does nothing to help the situation, calls for understanding and bridge-building from a imam or mosque means little if there is no doctrinal foundation on which to lay the call.  The call to wage jihad is explicit in the Qur'an, with the most common sura used to gird for battle against non-Muslims is 8-60 which tells Muslims to "...  make ready your strength to the utmost of your power,
including steeds of war, to strike terror into (the hearts of) the enemies of Allah..." and no, there is no missing context or misunderstanding of the meaning of the sura.  All schools of Islamic jurisprudence, as well as Al-Azhar University in Cairo, seat of Sunni orthodox power agree that this sura means exactly what is appears to mean.  Although a non-Muslim, reading one of the many "interpretations" of the Qur'an in English will be told that since it is not being read in Arabic there is enough missing to change the meaning.  That is why it is always best to go right to the source for a definition and explanation.    

It does not take much for Muslims to get riled, and it seems any excuse to attack the West, non-Muslims or even other Muslims who may not be quite Muslim enough is easily obtained.  This movie, Innocence of Muslims is, to be kind a piece of crap.  The production values are terrible, acting stiff and wooden, the sets and scenery too amateurish to be taken seriously and the dialogue...ebonics is easier to listen to.  One would have thought Muslims would be laughing themselves silly at the junior-high level of professionalism, but no, an insult against Muhammad is an insult against Muhammad, no matter what.  The support for the movie from Pastor Terry Jones is a great cause of the pain Muslims feel, remember he was the Pastor who at first threatened, and then went ahead and set fire to a Qur'an last year in Florida, causing world-wide outrage and a handful of deaths.  Jones has plans to show the film at his church and on the 'net, he claims he tried to upload and play it but it kept failing to run.  Jones does have plans to run the film in the future.  Not wanting the film to show, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey phoned Pastor Jones and told him it would be a good idea if Jones did not run the film and to keep a low profile.  Dempsey told Jones the film was "pornographic" and "very,very bad" and that he should not support it because of the "... the tensions it will inflame and the violence it will cause."  In other words, censorship due to the (very high) chance that Muslims will react badly and kill or maim someone.  If someone threatens to kill you, the least desirable option is to cower in fear and hope they don't act on their threat.  The most desirable option is to let them know that anything done will be returned in kind.  General Dempsey, in abdicating his role as a protector and defender deserves our scorn and derision for even thinking of asking for censorship of an American citizen, on American soil.

The Muslim Brotherhood, upholder of all that is Islam has, of course condemned the murders and the embassy breach, and at the same time managed to show their true Islamic color.  Spokesman for Egyptian President Morsi said in The New York Times that the US government should arrest the "madmen" who made the movie, as well as so much as demanding a formal apology from Obama.  A veiled threat followed in the form of a warning to America that these events (the movie) were "damaging" for Washington's relations with the Muslim world.  Saying it is OK for peaceful demonstrations to occur, Morsis spokesman then said "Any nonpeaceful activity will be exploited by those who hate Islam to defame the image of Egypt and Muslims.”   A nice sound bite, but meaningless in the context presented.  The "nonpeaceful" activity is not exploited by those who hate Islam, it is those very acts which highlight the inherent violence within Islam as shown in the Qur'an and the hadiths of Muhammad.  Doctrinal hatred cannot be exploited except by those practicing it.  


Hamas-linked CAIR has issued two statements on the jihad murder of Ambassador Stevens; the usual condemnation of the killings along with boilerplate rhetoric and a claim that Muslim victimhood will increase now that Americans have seen Muslims kill one of their own.  It stuns me, but not surprises me that CAIR would use this instance to further the victimization of Muslims instead of explaining to Western audiences that what was done is based in Islamic theology and that CAIR is working on doctrinal rebuttals to lessen that influence.  But no, Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR has no intention of calling a spade a spade, so the lies and misdirection continue to the detriment of innocent lives.  Nihad Awad, executive director of Hamas-linked CAIR said "Those who created this trashy film do not represent the people of America or the Christian faith. The only proper response to intentional provocations such as this film is to redouble effort to promote mutual understanding between faiths and to marginalize extremists of all stripes"  Awad's call to marginalize extremists would ring truer if he practiced what he preached.  He is not the picture of tolerance and bridge-building the press would have us believe.  Awad has said he supports Hamas and was PR director for IAP (Islamic Association for Palestine), the front group for Hamas in the refugee territory.  Awad also rationalized suicide bombings but telling his audience that those bombings have nothing to do with Islam.  Like most Islamists, Awad has a problem with Israel, calling them the greatest oppressors of religion in the Middle East.  Watch for Hamas-linked CAIR and other Muslim groups, Hooper and Awad as well as their handlers and sycophants to keep the pressure on where Muslim victimization is concerned.  They have no shame, and the more they can show Muslims as victims of Islamophobia the easier it will be for them to continue the slow but steady creep of sharia and Islamic hegemony.

I was surprised to hear Romney make a statement regarding the State Department press release but was pleased at what he said.  Taking Obama to task for his weak-kneed stance, Romney said that apologizing for our ethics is the wrong thing to do.  The White House immediately rebutted by accusing Romney of "politicizing" the murder, a curious statement as it is the WH that has made Islam a political item by refusing to make it a political item.  I applaude Romney for his poke with a knitting needle, it is however too little, weak and useless except to those knuckleheads who still believe in the vacuous  entity known as the American political system.  I doubt Romney has any more useful knowledge about Islam that any other politician on Capitol Hill, but at least he sees fit to say something that stands out from the same old foreign policy rhetoric.

We are on a ledge, looking into the maw of a great beast and believing that there is nothing to worry about, it's just a hole.  Our willful and dangerous blindness is getting us deeper into the quagmire of confusion, and the longer we wait the harder it will be to climb out into the light of reason.  The murder of Ambassador Stevens is an act of war, the storming of the embassy in Cairo is an act of war, yet we see nothing of value coming from our dear leaders.  Empty slogans, condolence rhetoric, terms of action and promises of results mean nothing as we have no way to identify the enemy.  As long as Western powers refuse to recognize the Islamic doctrine that drives this behavior we are all at risk.  Our leaders do nothing to protect us, yet they assure us there is nothing to worry about.  I am sure Ambassador Stevens thought and felt there was nothing to worry about, until he was dragged out into the courtyard and beaten to death.  Remember his face the next time someone tries to tell you the problem is "Islamophobia."

All photos courtesy of KSFO


Jay Knott said...

You Islamophobic idiots are sabotaging America's efforts in the Middle East and beyond. Your latest outrage has caused the death of four diplomats, but you're incapable of learning - the more your strategy fails, the more earnestly you advocate it. You're as much a product of America, as Reginald Dyer, author of the Amritsar massacre, was a bastard of the British Empire. Keep up the good work!

Barry Sommer said...

Jay, I see you have not read the rules for commenting. It says "Intellectual discussion means being nice, not nasty" so would it be safe to assume you would rather be nasty than intellectual? Could you explain how standing for freedom, liberty and human rights for all people is "Islamophobic?" And how am I sabotaging America's efforts in the Middle East and beyond? It appears you are accusing me of the deaths of the four American embassy personnel, including Christopher Stevens, I will assume you are using the collective "you" so no offense taken. Rather than just throwing accusations around, please show the readers, and myself the doctrinal or theological underpinnings that shows Islam to be a religion of peace. You claim agitation by America, yet refuse to even acknowledge Islamic texts and tenets as the main driver in all this violence. You dismiss or ignore the words and statements from Islamic leaders, why? Is it so you can maintain your hatred of Israel by not accepting the truth about Islamic theology from those charged with defining Islam? How shallow and crass, to believe that your enemy is lying about their hatred of you and others like you. By supporting jihad and denigrating Israel you are part of the problem. By refusing to allow anything into your thoughts that would challenge your deep-seated hatred of Jews leaves you little room for critical thought or analysis. I am sorry, Jay but until those like you understand what is at stake, and the inculcated religious hatred instilled by the Qur'an and the hadiths of Muhammad you will be an unwelcome thorn in the side of truth and historical fact. Once again I ask you to provide doctrinal Islamic rulings that show what I post is false. You cannot, and that is why you and those like you can do nothing but spew invective and name-calling.

Jay Knott said...

Barry - I used the collective term 'Islamophobic idiots' to include all the more extreme Islamophobes - the ones who say that Islam itself is a problem, rather than just a few extremists. This collective entity certainly includes you and your buddies, as well as the people who made this provocative video. I don't mean that all Islamophobes are responsible for the behavior of all the others. I admit that using the term 'idiots' is not being 'nice'.

Neither is it being nice to accuse me of 'supporting jihad', but that's not why it's wrong - it's wrong because it's false. I don't support any religious activity, particularly not violence. As for the allegation of 'denigrating Israel' - yep, I have to admit to doing that.