Monday, September 17, 2012

Continuing green on blue attacks in Afghanistan; six murdered by the religion of peace

There is no way to distinguish between those Muslims who are not jihadists, and those that are.  We refuse to ask the hard questions and do the right kind of vetting, thus these murders will continue.  How much longer will American troops be the targets in this shooting gallery?  Probably until the last uniformed troop leaves.

From Reuters September 16 by Jessica Donati

Six die in weekend "insider" attacks in Afghanistan

(Reuters) - Four U.S. troops fighting with the NATO-led alliance were killed in another suspected "insider" attack in southern Afghanistan on Sunday, bringing the total number of deaths this weekend caused by Afghans turning on their allies to six.

Four troops were found dead and two wounded when a response team arrived at the scene from a nearby checkpoint, a spokesman for the coalition said. A Pentagon spokesman confirmed that the four dead were Americans.

One of the six members of the Afghan National Police (ANP) operating the observation post with six coalition troops was also found dead, while the other five had disappeared.

"The fighting had stopped by the time the responders arrived," said Major Adam Wojack, a spokesman for the NATO-led coalition.

Sunday's shooting took place in Zabol, a province where U.S. forces are based, according to a local official.

The attack came a day after two British soldiers were shot dead by an Afghan policeman while returning from a patrol in the southerly Helmand province, one of the strongholds of the Taliban-led insurgency.

At least 51 foreign military personnel have been killed in "insider" attacks this year, deaths that have badly strained the coalition's relations with Afghan forces as it moves towards handing security responsibility to them by the end of 2014.

The rise in such attacks has led to the training of new recruits to the Afghan army and police being suspended.

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