Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Denmark: jihadist gangs thwarted by little old lady

But for how long?

From Jyllands-Posten August 23 by Paul Sauer

Solid support for Café Viking

Café Viking in Nørrebro in Copenhagen Thursday evening filled as never before.
At the same time up to 200 people on the street in front of the café, because there was no room for them inside.

All Together they showed up to support the owner of Café Viking, Jane Birgitte Pedersen, who earlier Thursday stood up and told how a gang tried to force her to pay protection money.

No to thugs

Support comes from both the neighborhood and the people who showed up at the request of a Facebook group "No to Bullies Yes to beers".

So many have had flowers in the kitchen almost can not accommodate more. At the same time calling people from across the country in with statements of support.

Cries of "we just got a call from Jutland" rage.

In the midst of it all, right in the human sea, says Jane Birgitte Pedersen and accept hugs and hugs in droves.

The many people showed up to put a stop to the criminals who require protection money to one can be allowed to operate in "their territory"

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