Friday, September 21, 2012

If we would only gut the first amendment this would never have happened: UTB bomb threat came because of "insulting" film about Muhammad

We don't need freedom of speech, it only causes problems.  Like this poor fellow who, after being insulted decides to try a little jihad.  If there were laws in place to stifle speech that is "insulting" he would not have been driven to kill.  Question; what would insult you enough to kill?  Bad service at the IHOP?  A small crucifix of Jesus in urine?  Long lines at the gas station?  A badly made movie about your God?  Poor customer service at the bank? A Jew?  A Christian?  It is all up to you how to react, and Islam reacts badly every time.

From ValleyCentral September 17 by Sergio Chapa

Derogatory comment against Islam motive in UTB bomb threat
Court records show that a derogatory comment made against Islam was the motive in a weekend bomb threat at the University of Texas at Brownsville.

UTB police arrested 25-year-old Henry Dewitt McFarland III on a terroristic threat charge on Sunday afternoon.

The Harlingen man is accused of phoning in a bomb threat to the UTB campus early Sunday morning.

Court records released on Monday show that McFarland made the threat to the National Veteran's Crisis Hotline.

McFarland allegedly told the operator is a Marine Corps veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and in the process of converting to Islam.

PTSD and Islam, the perfect combination.

According to the records, McFarland was planning to detonate a bomb in retaliation to a classmate making a derogatory remark against the Muslim faith.

McFarland told the operator that he had a pressure plate bomb in his living room.

The Harlingen veteran told the operator that he (was) receiving counseling for anger management and domestic violence.

I wonder if McFarland knows about sura 4 verse 34 which gives permission for a Muslim man to beat his wife if she misbehaves.  I wonder if the counselor knows this as well.

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