Monday, January 2, 2012

Hamas rounds up fortune tellers; they should have seen it comingg

Hamas, in it's continuing efforts to be all things to all people but to appear to not be, has now banned fortune tellers, store mannequins and tobacco vendors.  Soon there will be no more posed, smoking haruspex in Gaza.

Miss Cleo, where are you?

From Ma'an News December 30

 Hamas cracks down on fortune-tellers, mannequins

GAZA CITY (Ma'an) -- The Hamas-run government has launched a series of campaigns targeting fortune-tellers, mannequins and cigarette vendors in the Gaza Strip. 

Police sources told Ma'an that 142 fortune tellers were forced to sign an agreement at the Ministry of Interior pledging that they would not practice their craft. 

As well as predicting the future, fortune tellers sell amulets for protection and are sometimes called on to solve personal or family problems.

That's what sharia courts are for.

Another campaign targets boutiques displaying lingerie on mannequins. Police officials told Ma'an that security forces inspected clothes shops across the Gaza Strip and warned owners not to display naked mannequins, lingerie or "indecent advertisements."

Police are also targeting vendors selling smuggled cigarettes and tobacco, confiscating their goods, police suorces said.

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