Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Close to the final coffin nail; Britain succumbs to Islamic intimidation

When the police make it a point to tell you that it is your fault that people are throwing things at you, and that instead of arresting the throwers they whisk you to another place, removing your free speech rights in the process, for fear that your person will cause violence, you know the end of civilization is about to chew you a new asshole.

Welcome to the new world order, courtesy of Muhammad and Islam.  It is coming to a neighborhood near you sooner than you think.

From JihadWatch September 4 by Robert Spencer

21st-century fascism: EDL demo canceled after police fail to control violent Islamic supremacist and Leftist mob
This is freedom's last stand in the UK, and the enemedia's relentless campaign of destruction, demonization and dehumanization of the EDL and supporters of individual rights and freedom renders them fair game for these savages and implies sanction of such violence. Clearly the enemedia's silence and covering up of this lawless and outrageous violence is implicit approval.

...Zoe and her sister (both Casuals United), write about what they saw at Walthamstow:-

My trip to #Walthamstow by Zoe #edl - 3 09 2012

We had a bad feeling about this demo, could not understand how the MET were allowing us to march through the streets of Walthamstow and we KNEW it was going to be a massive stitch up. For this reason my sister and me decided to travel to Walthamstow on our own and wander about to see what was what. There were gangs of pajama wearers on every street corner, eagerly awaiting the chance to attack the EDL. Some of them even started praying in the street such is the grip of the brainwashing they have had imposed upon them. We sat on a wall and watched as lefty gimps who looked like schoolteachers ran around rabble rousing and trying to sell Socialist Worker papers LOL. Town Square was totally infested with Commies and Muslim youth running around excitedly. We wandered through the streets and could see Muslim youths staring at us suspiciously as we innocently walked around. Knowing that if they knew who we were they would have murdered us was a whole lot of fun. What a buzz. A town called Malice.

There is much more, read it all

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