Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Islam escalates war against the West; Embassy in Afghanistan attacked

Turkey dismisses the Israeli ambassador, Egypt allows jihadists to attack and ransack the Israeli Embassy and now jihadists attack the American Embassy in Kabul.  These attacks all add up to a heightening of tensions between the US and the Muslim world, a pushing of the envelope to see who blinks first.  The problem is, these are not isolated incidents but a concerted effort to escalate tensions until a pretense can be found to launch an all-out attack against Israel and, by extension America and the West.

But remember, Obama says we are not at war with Islam so everything is fine, go back to sleep.

From The New York Times September 13 by Alissa J. Rubin and Jack Healy

Militants Launch Attack on U.S. Embassy in Kabul  

KABUL, Afghanistan — Insurgents launched a complex assault against the American Embassy and the nearby NATO headquarters on Tuesday, pelting the heavily guarded compounds with rockets in an attack that raised new questions about the security of Afghanistan’s capital and the Westerners working there.

At least 10 explosions — apparently from rockets launched by militants — and waves of automatic weapons fire were reported amid the drone of sirens and English-language warnings telling Americans inside the embassy to take cover.
Sediq Sediqi, spokesman for the Interior Ministry, said that two attackers had been killed, as had one policeman. At about 4 p.m. local time, three attackers were believed to be still fighting. Kerri Hannan, a spokeswoman for the American Embassy, said that no embassy personnel had been hurt.
It was unclear precisely how many assailants were behind the assault or whether they were attacking from a single or multiple locations. The attackers were holed up on several floors of a tall, partly built concrete building that offered a bird’s-eye view of the secured diplomatic and military compounds about a half mile away. Flashes from gun barrels could be seen as the militants fired from their perch. Afghan security forces returned fire from the ground, sending puffs of concrete dust into the air as bullets slapped the building.
“We don’t know how many suicide bombers are in the building,” said Col. Abdul Zahir, of the criminal investigative division of the Kabul police. “They’re shooting at the embassy. We’re still in fighting position. We can’t say anything.”
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