Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Canucks not keen on getting along with the "religion of the perpetually insulted"

A recent poll shows a majority of Canadians feel that there is a “irreconcilable” ideological difference between Islam and Western values.  What would cause our neighbors to the North to think that?  Could it have anything to do with the second-class status women are accorded in Islam, or the command to either convert, subjugate or kill non-Muslims, or  the stoning of rape victims, or the murder of a child due to "honor", or the amputation of a hand or foot under sharia law, or the requirement to advance Islam across the globe through the sword or any number of other actions usually including the phrase "Allahu Akbar"?

What could make Canadians believe there is nothing to discuss except the reluctance of Islam to be truthful about its tenets and doctrine, and to intimidate anyone who dares speak about Islam in a negative light.

I am glad Canadians are beginning to see the light of reason and truth in the face of the propaganda about Islam presented by so-called moderates and the ever-ready leftest press.

From Macleans September 12

Majority of Canadians see “irreconcilable” rift between Islam and the West

Results from a recent poll reveal that a majority of Canadians surveyed feel there is an ideological rift between the Muslim world and the West which is “irreconcilable.” 

Of the 1,500 consulted in the week before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 56 per cent felt the West and the Muslim world could not overcome their perceived differences. Thirty-three per cent felt they could be reconciled, while 11 per cent did not answer the question.

 The poll was conducted by Leger Marketing on behalf of the Montreal-based Association for Canadian Studies, whose director, Jack Jedwab, told Postmedia News that the survey’s results contradict “a fundamental idea in multicultural democracies like ours that conflicts between societies can be resolved through dialogue and negotiation.” 

However, Jedwab said the result provided a slight “ray of hope” in that 52 per cent of Canadians say it’s wrong to conduct extra airport security checks on people who “appear to be of Muslim background.

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