Monday, September 26, 2011

Secrets and Lies

The CIA is supposed to be that secret, hidden organization which we all know about but know nothing about.  Their movements, locations, method of operation and tactics are closely guarded so as to maintain the ability to move without detection and operate clandestinely.  When you read an article that openly discusses a CIA location, you can bet there was a leak or a lack of security protocols, resulting in this ugly episode where two are killed and others wounded.

From the BBC September 26

Afghanistan: 'Two killed at Kabul CIA station'  

The incident in Kabul took place on Sunday night at the facility, previously known as the Ariana hotel.
It comes two weeks after militants attacked the US embassy and government buildings in Kabul, leaving 25 dead.
The motives for the shooting are as yet unclear. Afghan CIA employees usually undergo rigorous security screening.
Maybe not rigorous enough.
The BBC's Paul Wood in Kabul says that it is unclear if the gunman was a Taliban recruit or if the shooting happened as a result of a personal dispute which escalated into serious bloodshed because of the presence of weapons.
According to one source, when the gunman opened fire he was shooting in all directions, our correspondent reports.
Afghan counter-intelligence sources told the BBC that their personnel in the area heard an explosion and gunfire which lasted nearly 10 minutes.
The compound is located in the most secure part of Kabul - near the US embassy and Nato military bases.
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