Sunday, September 18, 2011

Now Jews are welcome in the new Palestine

Yesterday the Palestinian ambassador to the US, Rashid Areikatsaid the new Palestinian state would initially be "Jew free" but now that the firestorm has begun, he is backtracking and claiming, as is usual for Islamists that his remarks were taken "out of context" and he really didn't mean what he really said.  When the truth about Islam slips out you can always depend on the "out of context" defense, as well as smears and calls of liar, liar, pants on fire.

The spin is dizzying as the PA scrambles to do damage control.  Remember when a jihadist or Islamist uses the out of context defense you can be sure what was said is the truth.

From Politico September 16 by Josh Gerstein and MJ Lee

Palestinian officials: Jews welcome  

Palestinian officials are rolling out the welcome mat for Jews to come to a new Palestinian state.
Trying to tamp down a controversy over whether a Palestinian state would be Jew-free, Mahmoud Habbash, the Palestinian minister of religious affairs, said a future state would be open to people of all religions, including Jews.
“The future Palestinian state will be open to all its citizens, regardless of their religion,” Habbash said, according to USA Today. “We want a civil state, which in it live all the faiths, Muslim, Christian and Jews also if they agree, (and) accept to be Palestinian citizens.”
No mention of Druids, Zoroastrians, Baptists, Ahmadi, Knights Templar, Buddhists, Hindi, Pict's, Olmecs, Carmalites, Atheists, Wiccans or any of the hundreds of spiritual belief systems available to mankind.  I wonder why that is? 
Maen Areikat, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s ambassador to the United States, told POLITICO that his comments earlier this week which some interpreted as meaning Jews would not be welcome were misconstrued.
In no way was there a suggestion that Jews cannot enter Palestine or be in Palestinian state in the future,” Areikat said.
The officials’ comments follow a controversy the ambassador’s remarks at a breakfast on Tuesday hosted by the Christian Science Monitor in which he said that Jews and Palestinians “need to be totally separated.”
USA Today reported that Areikat was calling for the future Palestinian state to “free of Jews.”
Areikat told POLITICO that was a “total fabrication” and he said the report was a “malicious” manipulation of what he had said.
“It was a set-up to try to say something on my behalf I didn’t even say I did not mention the word Jews in my answer. I did not allude to that at all,” Areikat said. “We have never said this is a religious conflict."
You lie about the Jews and this obviously is a religious issue.  You did not have to say it was based in religion, the fact it is Islam and Israel at odds automatically makes it a religious issue from the standpoint of Islamic doctrine through the Qur'an.  Your taqiyya is showing, Areikat.
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