Thursday, September 29, 2011

Al-Qaeda insulted Iran would claim 9-11 is a "conspiracy"

If this is not the pot calling the kettle black, I do not know what is.  For Al-Qaeda to chide Iran for their stand on 9-11 buggers belief, it is as if Al-Qaeda is insulted that Iran would steal their thunder and claim it was not a jihad attack, but a conspiracy of Zionists, the US government and, of course those pesky Mennonites.

I like to see our enemies squabbling among themselves, it gladdens the heart to know our sworn enemies behave like little schoolkids, arguing over who is more right.

From the BBC Septemebr 28

Al Qaeda chides Iran over 9/11 'conspiracy theories'

President Ahmadinejad speaks to UN General Assembly on 22 September
The man behind the conspiracy

Inspire, an al-Qaeda-linked online magazine, described Mr Ahmadinejad's controversial speech to the United Nations last week as "ridiculous".
The Iranian leader said he believed the World Trade Center towers could not have been brought down by aircraft.
The article said such a belief "stands in the face of all logic and evidence".
I wonder if they read the Popular Mechanics article on 9-11?
Entitled "Iran and the Conspiracy Theories", the Inspire article said Iran used the theory "as a rallying call for the millions of Muslims around the world who despise America".
Iran "is a collaborator with the US when it suits it" nonetheless, the Yemen-based author said.
There have been sharp sectarian tensions between mainly Shia Iran and Sunni Muslim al-Qaeda - although are both fiercely opposed to US influence.
Mr Ahmadinejad's speech last Thursday triggered a walkout from the General Assembly by diplomats from more than 30 countries.

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