Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Turkish prison of lies

Once you start lying you will continue the lie until you are caught, and then you will lie to get out of that lie...and so on...and so on.  Turkey hates Israel with such a burning passion that they decided to lie about the list of IDF soldiers names who participated in the last jihad flotilla in which 9 protesters died.  With no apology forthcoming from Israel, as demanded by Turkey the Erdogan regime began to boil until someone said hey, lets create a fake list of IDF soldiers that we can present as fact, in order to demonize Israel further and feel better about ourselves.

This article is not so much about the details, but more a bigger picture of the ongoing and continuing barrage of hatred, lies and deception from the "religion of the perpetually insulted".

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From YNet September 27 by Sa'ar Haas

Turkish list of flotilla soldiers a sham?

The Turkish media called a list of 174 names of soldier and security officials allegedly connected to the IDF raid on the Gaza-bound ship as "extremely valuable," but a deeper examination reveals that the IDF personnel appearing on the list have no direct link, if at all, to the flotilla raid.

The list is headed by former IDF Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi, Navy Commander Eliezer Marom and former Commander of IDF Intelligence Branch Major General Amos Yadlin, but the rest of the names are of soldiers who already completed their military service at the time of the 2010 raid.

Navy Commander Eliezer Marom on Turkish list

Among the 174 names listed, many belong to low-ranking officers and soldiers who had nothing to do with the raid, such as a Golani maintenance officer, a Paratroopers' company command and an Artillery battery commander.

According to the report in Turkish media outlets, "almost all the soldiers who killed the nine activists and injured 30 people were identified," but the Turkish government denied ever asking its National Intelligence Organization (MIT) to confirm the identities of Israeli commandos involved in the raid.

Istanbul's deputy prosecutor said that a lawyer for the IHH submitted a list of soldiers' names to his office and said it will be examined.

The IDF Spokesperson's Office stated in response: "After examining the reports in the Turkish press, it is clear that the names do not belong to soldiers who were involved in the Marmara raid incident, but were rather recycled from previous lists that were published on anti-Israeli websites following Operation Cast Lead.

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