Sunday, September 11, 2011

Calling Anders Breivik

Norway, meet Sweden.  It appears Mr. Breivik has some competition in the hate department.  One should ask who these four were influenced by and what drives them to act in such a hateful and anti-social way.  That way we can assign blame, and point the appropriate finger at those who are responsible for making four innocent people hate so much they want to practice jihad.

But it has nothing to do with Islam, remember that.

From The New York Times September 11 by Christina Anderson and Nicholas Kulish

4 Suspects Arrested in Swedish Terror Plot  

LUND, Sweden — Four people were arrested in Goteborg on Saturday night on suspicion of planning acts of terrorism there, the police said. The authorities also evacuated an arts center in the city.

In a statement released Sunday, the Swedish Security Service said that the four men were arrested with the help of the National Task Force, which is deployed in urgent situations like those involving terrorism or hostages.
There was no evidence that the case was connected with the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, and the Security Service said that “there currently is no cause for public concern.” The authorities did not raise the threat level and declined to provide further information about the continuing investigation.
Officials around the world are on high alert because of the anniversary. The arrests in Sweden were a reminder of the anger provoked in Scandinavia over drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, first in Denmark and then by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks in 2007.
The daily newspaper Expressen reported that the Roda Sten art center in Goteborg was evacuated and that the surrounding area was cordoned off on Saturday night because of a “serious risk to human life.”
Mia Christersdotter Norman, the managing director of the arts center, said by telephone on Sunday that about 400 people were celebrating the opening of the Goteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art when the police asked her to inform the guests that they needed to gather their belongings and leave the building.
Must have been a display of people and animals, which are haram in Islam.
“There was no panic,” Ms. Christersdotter Norman said, describing an orderly evacuation. The police called her early Sunday and said that they had searched the entire building and had not found anything.
“They didn’t say what it was, just that there was a serious threat,” she said.
From Islam, any threat is serious and should be taken as such.
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