Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Emglish Defense League attacked and injured by Muslims, guess who gets arrested?

The folly of appeasement will soon rear it's ugly head, in the interim we will see more episodes like this one, where the police are too afraid of "Muslim backlash" to do anything like make arrests or do an investigation.  The rapid spread of sharia in England (see Manchester, Birmingham or Tower Hamlets) and the population increase of Muslims over indigenous Europeans has given rise to an attitude of appeasement, also known as dhimmitude (credit to Bat Ye'or for this phrase).  As Islam grows and no-go zones encroach there will be more fear on the part of police, and more fear by the general public as they watch their beloved Britain succumb to the ravages of Islamic hegemony.

Remember the alligator.

From Demotix September 11

EDL members stabbed on Edgware Road, London after 9/11 clashes 

On a day which saw commemoratons of 9/11, members of the EDL clashed with supporters of Muslims Against Crusades (MAC). Later in the evening two EDL members were stabbed by Muslim youths according to initial reports outside the JD Wetherspoon pub.

There were counter protests by the EDL and Muslims against crusades at Grosvenor Square in London. At one point Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his wife got caught up in the trouble as they walked past the MAC protest. Police later tried to disperse the protests by moving MAC along in a police "bubble".Trouble flared at Marble Arch as they were confronted by the EDL. Fights broke out along Edgware Road as Muslims against Crusades were being escorted by police.

Police outside the JD Wetherspoon pub confirmed two EDL members were stabbed and whilst i was at the scene of the incident detectives and a forensic team were securing the site.

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