Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Half-naked men and love triangles on Iran TV; not on your "days of our lives"

More subjugation of the people in the pursuit of the perfect Islamic society.  George Orwell would be so proud.

From The Jerusalem Post September 12

Iran bans half-naked men, love triangles on TV  

TEHRAN - Iran has banned TV programs showing half-naked men and love triangles, the semi-official Fars news agency reported on Monday, in the latest sign of a conservative crackdown on media in the Islamic state.

It was not clear what prompted the ban. Iran TV, which has a monopoly in the country, dedicates large parts of its schedule to religious shows and announcements from the government.

But viewers were gripped a few years ago by a locally-produced soap opera called Forbidden Fruit which told the tale of an old man who decided to leave his wife after falling in love with a young girl.

"Based on a new instruction, the broadcasting of programs that show tempting love triangles is banned," Fars said.

Exceptions would be made for shows that explicitly condemned such entanglements, it added.

"Showing half-naked men in Iranian and foreign productions is also banned," the report said, adding that producers were urged not to show "unnecessary mingling" between the sexes.

The statement did not say how the restrictions on partially-clothed men would affect Iran TV's sports coverage.

No sense having half-naked men playing sports, right?

Rad it all

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