Sunday, September 18, 2011

sheikh Adnan al Aroor says "''tear apart, chop up and feed'' the meat the dogs"

He said it.

From ANSAMed September 16


Many Syrian Christians, the website reads, are terrorised; in some cities, like Homs, they are even afraid to leave their houses. Some churches have already been burned down. These appeals to hate were made in this context by sheikh Adnan al Aroor, who is described in a profile of television network Al Arabia as a 'moderate Sunni', a 'symbolic figure' for the anti-Assad activists, a man who invites people to 'peaceful and non-violent' rebellion. 
How he can misunderstand his peaceful religion is a mystery.  Maybe we need Reza Aslan, or John Esposito or Ibrahim Hooper to go over there and explain it to him. 
The sheikh broadcasts on the Islamic satellite channel al Safa, which has its headquarters in Saudi Arabia. The channel is very popular in Syria. In one of the sheik's sermons that have been examined by the editorial staff of 'Terrasanta', al Aroor explains that Syrians can be divided into three groups: ''the first includes people who are for the revolution and against Assad. When the President falls, the winners will look with favour on this group. The second group consists of people who are not for nor against the revolution. They can expect no privileges from the new regime. The third group opposes the revolution and backs Assad. The meat of these people - in the words of Al Aroor - will be ''torn apart, chopped up and fed to the dogs.'' This is an explicit threat to Christians, who have always been considered to be protected by the current regime. 
''Each Friday'', writes, ''crowds called by the peaceful call of the social networks fill the squares. But there are also those, and that is a cause for concern, who come after being urged by unscrupulous preachers. They all come to challenge a government that is unable to show evidence of real reforms. Whoever wins, the future of Syria remains unclear."


Anonymous said...

this is not what he said. he was talking about the alawites regime in the speech, not christians. why do u have to make up stories? do u christians only know how to make-believe, use ur own propaganda just to destroy islam? investigate 1st, dun just assume! ALLAHUAKBAR!

Anonymous said...

al Aroor is a rabid madman. Watching him speak, I expected to see him froth at the mouth.

Anon, so it's ok to butcher Alawites? Have you learned nothing from the destruction of Iraq, that you think it's ok for this rabid dog to be given massive air time by that bastion of civilization, Saudi Arabia?

EVERYONE in Syria is being terrorized by the savage FSA, who just burnt down the souks.

You blaspheme Allah when you say "allahu akbar!" under these circumstances, just as the FSA does, when butchering human beings and blowing up mosques.