Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't talk, don't tell, don't say nuthin, ya hear?

Even as they are being acknowledged to report jihad activity, the other voice says they need to shut up and keep a distance from Johnny Law.  Hamas-linked CAIR is now complaining that a few Muslim's may be the target of anti-Muslim hatred but they should not seek out the FBI but instead contact Hamas-linked CAIR and tell them about it.

When did it become OK to keep law enforcement out of the law enforcement business?

The suggestions in the memo from Hamas-linked CAIR seem on the surface to be good things, but remember that they are based in the victim mentality Muslims have, so consequently the advice to talk to your CAIR office to ask what should be done rather than telling the FBI and asking them defeats the purpose of the other suggestions.  If you're a victim you want justice from those you claim made you the victim to begin with.  And any non-Muslim will do.

From Jihad Watch September 25 by Robert Spencer

Hamas-linked CAIR claims FBI harassing Tampa-area Muslims

The FBI is in full surrender mode, apologizing to Islamic supremacists and Leftist pseudo-journalists for teaching agents the truth about Islam, but it isn't good enough for Hamas-linked CAIR. Certainly all laws regarding the rights of those under investigation should be strictly observed. But behind all of Hamas-linked CAIR's talk of civil rights below are the assumptions that gave rise to the poster above, and the fact that Hamas-linked CAIR has opposed essentially every anti-terror measure ever proposed or enacted.
The idea that the hyper-PC FBI of today is full of rogue agents trampling on Muslims' civil rights is a level of paranoid victimhood-mongering that boggles the mind. The real FBI is blushing furiously and apologizing over the handful of its agents who let some of the truth about jihad and Islamic supremacism get through. It is teaching agents that Islam is a Religion of Peace™ that is only occasionally and unaccountably Hijacked by a Tiny Minority of Extremists, and conducting outreach to Islamic supremacist and Muslim Brotherhood groups that smile benignly and guffaw behind closed doors at the naivete and pliability of these bumbling Useful Idiots.
And yet for all the FBI's pains to appease the enemy, the Islamic supremacists still portray the feds as angry rednecks with ties, banging down doors, trampling mud on the mosque floor, and casting Qur'ans to the ground with arrogant disdain as they haul away terrified, pious hijabbed Muslimas with American flags on their walls for relentless, hammering hours of questioning based on nothing but the agency's ingrained Islamophobia. The contrast between that picture and the real FBI of earnest young every-political-opinion-acceptable milquetoasts with heads filled with nonsense from Karen Armstrong and John Esposito, spending their days reassuring the local Muslim Brotherhood-linked imam that they're on the watch for any sign of "right-wing extremism" or "Islamophobia," couldn't be more stark. The FBI can't win for losing.
From CAIR-Tampa's September mailing (thanks to L):
Alert! FBI Harassing Tampa Area Muslims
CAIR-Tampa has recently received several reports from professional, law abiding American Muslims who are complaining of being singled out for harassment by FBI agents. These are individuals who would never have expected to be targeted by the FBI. CAIR-Tampa would like to take this as an opportunity to remind the community what to do when contacted by law enforcement .

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