Monday, September 12, 2011

Taliban open office in Qatar with approval of the US

This would normally be one of those "Wait...what?" headlines, but the sad fact is that this is true.  In order to end the war and bring peace to the region, the US administration is supporting a Taliban branch office in Qatar.  We seem to have this misguided view that we can sit down and talk, mano a mano to the Taliban and come to an agreement.  Since we do not, nor care to find out the type of ideology driving the Taliban, we are doomed from the start and will have only heartbreak and disappointment at the end.

There is no negotiating with Islam, there only the way of Islam, sooner or later.

From the Mail Online September 12

U.S. backs move to let Taliban open headquarters in Qatar in the hope of ending war in Afghanistan  

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is likely to open a base in Qatar before Christmas, The Times said.

Talks to end the 10-year war in Afghanistan could be on the horizon after the U.S. backed a plan to let the Taliban open political headquarters in the Middle East.

It is hoped this will help facilitate peace talks which could lead to a truce with the Taliban. 

A senior member of the Taliban - Tayyab Agha - has been talking on and off with western diplomats for the past year but it is hoped this move will accelerate the process.

Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is understood to be backing the negotiations.

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