Sunday, September 18, 2011

These jihadists are Finnished

I know it is a bad pun but it seemed funny when I wrote it.  Finland, like Sweden and Norway is experiencing the first pangs of Islamic agitation, and soon will see it grow and become more dangerous within Finnish society. The Finish people can stop the Islamization of Finland if they heed the warnings of England, France and their neighbors Norway and Sweden.  If not you will suffer the indignity of bowing to your new masters in deference of their threats and intimidation.

The time for Finland to rise up and take a stand is now, not two years from now.

From The Gulf-Times September 18

Finland terror suspects are Somalis: report

Two people arrested in Helsinki on suspicion of funding terrorism and recruitment had foreign links but planned no attacks in Finland, police and intelligence officials said yesterday.

The daily Ilta-Sanomat earlier quoted unidentified police sources as saying the two were Finnish citizens of Somali origin. 

No mention of the doctrine driving these two, and no one bothers to investigate.

“The case we are investigating is one of support, not a terrorist act as such,” Olli Kolstela of the Supo intelligence service told a press conference, adding that there was “no cause for concern in Finland.”

Alimentary cranial blockage alert.

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