Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Attempted jihad on a plane; passengers take charge and subdue the miscreant

The passenger refused a flight attendants request, and began shouting Allah is great (Allahu Akbar) before being subdued by the passengers.  It is nice to know that our fellow passengers are ready and willing to stand and put their lives on the line.  I hope I would do the same thing if the time came.

This episode will be ignored, and we will go back to our somnambulent ways, never really understanding why this happened.  Go back to sleep, nothing to see here...

From KHOU Feb 21 by Nakia Cooper

1 passenger detained after disturbance on Continental flight headed to Houston

HOUSTON— Passengers aboard a Continental Airlines flight bound for Houston Tuesday sprang into action to help a flight attendant having trouble with an unruly passenger. Twenty minutes after the plane departed Portland, pilots returned to the city where the FBI was waiting.
Passengers said the unruly man was a problem from the beginning. After boarding Flight 1113, the man became upset because he was not seated next to his friend.
Then after the flight took off, he ignored the “No Smoking” sign and tried to light an electronic cigarette.
A flight attendant asked the passenger to turn off the cigarette, but he refused. The Middle Eastern man started screaming at the smaller woman.
“He was screaming, ‘Allah is great, Allah is great,’” said Nancy Haywood, passenger. “And it kind of worries you when that happens, but believe me, there were enough men to hold him down.”
And they did. Men on the plane jumped up and ran to assist the flight attendant.
Every guy that was in my area was ready to go,” said Mark Foster, passenger. “It was not even a thought. You can tell buckles were off and people were already leaning toward the aisles.”
The men subdued the unruly passenger while the flight attendant ran to the back and retrieved plastic handcuffs and ankle cuffs.
They have hand and ankle cuffs on the planes now?  Cool!
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