Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Iranian in Thailand blows his legs off during botched jihad attack

Trying to murder in the name of Allah he blows his own legs off.


From Haaretz Feb 14 by Barak Ravid

Suspected Iranian national maimed by own bomb in Bangkok

A man thought to be Iranian was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off, police and a government spokeswoman said.
Shortly before, there had been an explosion in a house the man was renting in the Ekamai area of central Bangkok, government spokeswoman Thitima Chaisaeng told reporters.
A taxi driver told Thai television the man had then thrown a bomb in front of his car before running off, injuring him slightly.
Thitima said police had tried to move in and arrest the man after blast by the taxi. According to the Bangkok Post, he threw another grenade at the police that hit a tree and bounced back toward him and exploded, which caused him to lose both his legs.
"The police have control of the situation. It is thought that the suspect might be storing more explosives inside his house," Thitima said, adding that, according to an initial police report, the man was thought to be Iranian.
Five people were wounded as a result of Tuesday's attack.
A senior Israeli official said Tuesday that Thailand police believe that the bombing that took place in Bangkok earlier in the day was a botched terror attack.

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