Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taliban wants Muslims to kill and beat Americans over Qur'an burning

As I pointed out, no amount of apologies will make this go away.  The religion of the perpetually insulted cannot let go of a fundamental tenet; you must behave badly when a symbol of that religion is treated in a disrespectful manner.  No other religion takes it upon itself to kill, maim and destroy if one of their holy symbols is desecrated.  They may moan, whine, complain, protest and picket, but they do not murder.  That is a fundamental difference between Islam and all the rest.

The Taliban are a declared enemy of the West, so this proclamation is so much window dressing.  Some Muslims will continue to make an uproar and stay on the killing path, and most of their victims will be of their own kind.  Practicing sharia begets poverty, and the violence supposedly directed against the infidel will take the innocents more often.

From CNS Feb 24 by Patrick Goodenough

Taliban's Response to Obama's Apology: 'Kill Them, Beat Them, Take Them as Prisoners'

( – In the wake of President Barack Obama sending a three-page letter to Afghan President Hamid Kharzai, apologizing for U.S. forces having mistakenly burned some Qur'ans at a U.S. air base in Afghanistan, the Taliban is calling on Muslims to kill Americans or beat them and take them as prisoners.
The call for violence against U.S. troops in Afghanistan came as Muslims in South Asia and elsewhere prepared for Friday prayers--a potentially volatile time.
Islamist groups in Pakistan, meanwhile, drummed up protests against the burning of the Qur’ans, with some leaders appealing for jihad against the United States.
Echoing incendiary calls by the Taliban for Muslims to react violently to the mishandling of the religious texts, militant leaders charged that the incident was a deliberate plot against Muslims.
Yes, we go out of our way to insult Muslims because we know they will react violently to whatever we do.  Sure, that makes sense.
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Anonymous said...

The correct (but politically incorrect) response by our version of the dear leader should have been: Tough. So a couple of your vile despicable hate manuals got singed. Get over it. If you can't then go perform an unnatural sex act on yourself. Best wishes, B. Hussein Obummer.

Anonymous said...

The man called President of the United States is one, not a US citizen and should not be recognized as such. Two, this is a spiritual war with Mr Obama choosing to be a pawn and betray himself and this country, not his country. We should pray for YHWH to bless him for all is possible for YHWH. Finally, Revelations must start and the man has been appointed by YHWH for a purpose. If that purpose is to destroy America and hate christians and Israelis, he is doing a bang up job. So what is the excuse for Republicans and the other 554 in charge?