Monday, February 20, 2012

Kuwait: Salafis call for ban on all holidays, except Muslim ones

The country we "liberated" in the early 90's  from Saddam Hussein was never a secular Muslim country, they were just more relaxed in their enforcement of sharia because they wanted the Western money from tourism.  Now that Salafis are moving in to the neighborhood, the demands for imposition of sharia have begun, and will increase as their power grows.  This demand for a ban on Western holidays is just the beginning.

From Gulf News Feb 19 by Habib Toumi

Kuwait centre calls for ban on national celebrations

Manama: A Kuwaiti Salafi centre has called for a ban on the country's national celebrations, claiming they violated religious ethics.
Kuwait this week celebrates its National Day and Liberation Day and employees have been given four days off, including the weekend, to mark the occasion.
"The so-called festivities and the accompanying concerts, dances and waste of thousands of dinars are against our religion," Fuad Al Rifai, the head of Wathakker centre, said. "Muslims celebrate only two feasts, at the end of Ramadan and the Sacrifice during the pilgrimage season. Any other festivity is totally alien and should not be upheld by Muslims," he said.
Muslims do not have to mark national occasion to show they love their country or have a high sense of patriotism, he said.
"There is no doubt about the love citizens have for their country, but the focus should be on complying with the values and ethics of the religion," Al Rifai said.
The call is likely to wade into controversy as Kuwaitis are getting ready for a long weekend of celebrations.

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