Friday, February 10, 2012

"In the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014."

He said it.

From The Jerusalem Post Feb 9

'Iran must attack Israel by 2014'

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's strategist provided the legal and religious justification for the annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people, in a document published on conservative Farsi website Alef. Reports of the documentbegan to circulate the internet this week.
But...but I thought they were peaceful, wanted nuclear power only and have not attacked anyone in 350 years, thus no threat.  How could they misunderstand Islam so thoroughly that they think they must bring about the final solution, part 2?  Someone send them the memo!
The document, written by strategy specialist Alireza Forghani, outlined the reasons why, "In the name of Allah, Iran must attack Israel by 2014."
Claiming to only represent the personal opinion of its author, and not the Iranian government, the doctrine was published on a website believed to have close ties with the Ayatollah.
So, who's zoomin' who?
Forghani called the Jewish state a "cancerous tumor for the Middle East" and  reminded his readers that "All our troubles are due to Israel!"
"Every Muslim is obliged to equip himself against Israel," he urged, reasoning that if the Muslim world does not attack Israel in the near future, "the opportunity could be lost and it may not be possible to stop them."
The document explained that the war against Israel must be carried out in the name of "defensive jihad" - or the protecting of Islam against aggressors "who want to gain domination over the Muslims and kill them."
It also clarified that although Israel had yet to strike Iran, its occupation of Palestinian lands already justifies an attack as Islam dictates that "the political borders [of the world] cannot divide Muslims and the earth is divided into two parts - Muslim countries and non-Muslim countries."
The world is divided between Dar-al Harb (house of war) and Dar-al-Islam (house of Islam) and with those two houses there will always be strife.  Only when there is but Dar-al-Islam will there be peace on earth.
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