Monday, February 20, 2012

"...demand the complete closure of shops selling alcohol, which are contrary to the Prophet's religious teaching."

Algeria, like Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria, Egypt and other Arab countries is in process of becoming sharia-compliant, and one of the first items on the list of things against Islam is alcohol.  Target those who sell, distribute and make it, and you pave the way for more sharia, and the strict enforcement thereof.

From Magharebia Feb 15 by Nazim Fethi

Attacks on bars multiply in Algeria

Nearly 2,000 pubs and other alcoholic drink outlets have been closed in Algeria in the past three years, particularly in the Algiers area, according to a source from the alcoholic beverage producers' association.

In Tizi Ouzou, ten orders to shut down pubs were enforced by the police in September alone. In the capital, the authorities unleashed a real war on bars and pubs. The official reasons cited have been hygiene concerns and failure to comply with regulations governing the trade.

Algiers wali Mohamed Kebir Addou insisted the closures were normal and not evidence of the authorities overstepping their powers. He also downplayed the significance of Islamist influence on the government's decision.

"There has never been any suggestion from within the administration that we are giving in to blackmail to close an establishment if the owner is abiding by the current laws, especially if the reason behind it is some kind of engineered religious consideration," he said.

But Algerian Association of Drinks Producers (APAB) chief Ali Hamani suggested that the decision to crack down on alcohol sales had been "driven by public campaigners".

Algerian Islamists have recently redoubled their morality campaigning efforts, buoyed by their counterparts' successes in the region.

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