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Florida: CAIR insists on indoctrinating schoolkids, parents say no way, school board supports CAIR

This will be a fight to the finish.  Hamas-linked CAIR has been speaking to high school students as part of the Advanced Placement World History and World Religions classes taught each term.  Parents have been fuming over this, and are fighting to have it stopped. The school board, effectively PC blind, are backing Hamas-linked CAIR against the wishes of the parents and some of the kids themselves.  

This is an ongoing battle where the victor will, hopefully be the parents and students.

From WND Feb 16 by Jack Minor


Parents in a Florida school district say their fight is not ending over district officials’ decision to openly promote a representative from the local Council on American-Islamic Relations group, whose national organization has ties to terrorism, to speak to their students and then refuse to listen to parental concerns.

It was this week during a meeting of the Tampa school board that several members appeared dismissive of citizens’ concerns. Member Doretha Edgecomb said she didn’t even want to look at the concerns.
“It’s Islam today and the NAACP tomorrow,” she said.
A motion at the meeting to schedule a workshop on the issue failed, getting only two of the four votes it needed.
But Terry Kemple, president of the Community Issues Council, told WND the board is mistaken if members think a vote will make the concerns vanish.
“Each meeting has had more [concerns raised] than the one before. We are going to continue to make people aware of this and pack out every public meeting until the board listens to the concerns of parents in this district,” Kemple said.
He went on to say that if the board does not listen to residents, they will ultimately be replaced with board members who will.
He and other residents and parents had gone to a meeting of the Hillsborough County school board in Tampa after learning that the district had allowed Hassan Shibley, executive director for CAIR-Tampa, to speak at more than a dozen Advanced Placement World History and World Religions classes last fall. The meeting was the second one in a row where residents have attempted to have their concerns addressed.
Shibley said the topics discussed at Steinbrenner High School included basic Muslim beliefs, Islamic history, Islam and human rights, religious tolerance and diversity, and popular misconceptions about Islam. He also talked to the student about “Islamophobia.”
I wonder if, in this vast array of Islamic teachings, anything was said about the sanctioning of beating the wife, or of a Muslim man legally taking up to four wives, or the command for Muslims to convert, subjugate or go to war with non-Muslims, or the concept of taqiyya, or any of the other uncomfortable aspects of Islam? 
Shibley is a local imam and said although he had joined CAIR last June, he had been speaking about Islam at the school for years including when he was a student in the district. In December, upon learning the district was allowing a member of CAIR to speak to students, area residents became concerned.
Kemple told the board that members of the community had no objection to teaching about Islam, however their issue had to do with allowing a member of a terrorist-affiliated organization talk about any subject in area schools. The group even recommended other Muslim speakers that would be qualified to speak on the Muslim history and other topics.
“We made it plain from the beginning the issue had nothing to do with Islam or even the subject matter that was taught,” Kemple said. “We just don’t believe the district should allow a group with ties to terrorism to speak to our children.”
Kemple is referring to the Holy Land Foundation case, the largest terrorism funding trial in American history. CAIR, the Islamic Society of North America and other Muslim organizations were named as unindicted co-conspirators in the case.

That fact alone should have been enough for the school to say no.  But in this day of rampant PC, there was not a chance the school would deny the opportunity to show their tolerance and diversity.

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