Friday, February 17, 2012

Homicide bomber arrested in D.C.

The facts are thus;  Amine El Khalifi wanted to murder in the name of Allah, and after expressing these desires he was contacted by FBI undercover operatives who monitored Khalifi and provided him with not just the "means" to wage jihad (fake explosives and a inoperable gun), but many chances to pull out and not go through with the plan.  In the end, Khalifi decided to "...slay and be slain for Allah..." (9-111) but he never got the chance.  

Arrested a few blocks from the Capitol by the FBI, he now sits in jail awaiting processing.  Bravo to the FBI for spending the time to cultivate a relationship, and then arrest a man clearly under the influence of Muhammad.  Nothing will be said to link Islam with Khalifi's actions, oh no, that would be Islamophobic.  His actions speak otherwise, and we know he wanted to murder for the honor of Islam and get those 72 virgins.  

Targeting a synagogue, restaurant and other buildings, he finally decided the Capitol would be the best place to create carnage.  Now ponder this for a while; if Khalifi had not been contacted by the FBI, he would most likely gone ahead with his plan, working with real jihadists and probably been able to pull it off. If there is one jihadist, there are many.  Like roaches they hide in the dark and scatter under the light, but they are there, constantly doing damage while no one looks.

We are once again lucky no one was killed, the next time we may not be.  We must be lucky 100% of the time, the jihadists only have to be lucky once.

FromUTSanDiego Feb 17 by Nedra Pickler

Landlord says he reported terror suspect to police
 — A northern Virginia landlord says he thought a Moroccan man arrested in an alleged suicide bombing plot in Washington was suspicious and called police a year and a half ago.
Frank Dynda said Friday that a woman who leased an apartment in his Arlington building apparently married Amine El Khalifi and then moved out. He says when Dynda told El Khalifi to leave, he said he had a right to stay and threatened to beat Dynda up.
A counterterrorism official says El Khalifi was taken into custody Friday near the U.S. Capitol with an inoperable gun and inert explosives in a suicide vest given to him by the FBI.
Dynda says he thought El Khalifi was making bombs, but police told him to leave the man alone. Dynda had El Khalifi evicted in 2010.
THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
A 29-year-old Moroccan man was arrested Friday near the U.S. Capitol as he was planning to detonate what he thought was a suicide vest, given to him by FBI undercover operatives, said police and government officials.
Amine El Khalifi of Alexandria, Va., was taken into custody with an inoperable gun and inert explosives, according to a counterterrorism official.
El Khalifi made a brief appearance in federal court in Alexandria, Va., on Friday afternoon, wearing a green shirt and black parts and holding his arms together behind his back.
A judge set a bail hearing in his case for Wednesday at 2 p.m.
A criminal complaint charges him with knowingly and unlawfully attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction against property that is owned and used by the United States.
El Khalifi expressed interest in killing at least 30 people and considered targeting a building in Alexandria and a restaurant, synagogue and a place where military personnel gather in Washington before he settled on the Capitol after canvassing that area a couple of times, the counterterrorism official said. During the investigation, the official said, El Khalifi went with undercover operatives to a quarry in the Washington area to detonate explosives.
El Khalifi came to the U.S. when he was 16 years old and is unemployed and not believed to be associated with al-Qaida. He had been under investigation for about a year and had overstayed his visitor visa for years, according to the counterterrorism official and a government official briefed on the matter who spoke on a condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.
Police are close to arresting one of his associates on charges unrelated to the terror conspiracy, the counterterrorism official said. The associate was said to also be a Moroccan, living here illegally. Police are investigating others El Khalifi associated with, but not because they believe the associates were part of a terror conspiracy, the official said.
Two people briefed on the matter told The Associated Press he was not arrested on the Capitol grounds, and the FBI has had him under surveillance around the clock for several weeks. They spoke on a condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly.

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