Sunday, February 19, 2012

Imposition vs Assimilation

Rather than teaching the people in their community about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and overly fat foods, the local Muslims are agitating against their coreligionists and demanding they ban these products, as the sale of them goes against the tenets of Islam.  Tobacco and alcohol I understand, many communities are fighting to have severe restrictions placed on their sale and use.  Banning pork, that is another realm entirely.  Including pork in their demands, they show themselves to be more than just concerned citizens of their community.  They are imposing Islamic values (sharia) on those who do not want them imposed; non-Muslims who live close and shop at those stores.  In Muslim countries one must bow to Muslim norms, and when in a non-Muslim country one must also bow to Muslim norms.  That is the way Islam gains a stronger redoubt in a non-Muslim country; by imposition of one-way rules and regulations.  What is good for the goose is NOT good for the gander when it comes to followers of Muhammad.

To impose the will of Allah is the primary goal of Islam, and Muslims who refuse to tow the line suffer as "not Muslim enough."

From the Delaware County Daily Times Feb 16

Muslim group asks stores to remove alcohol, tobacco

CHESTER — A group of Islamic leaders is urging Muslim business owners to stop selling alcohol, tobacco and drug paraphernalia, which are prohibited in the Quran because they contribute to the destruction of humanity.

The United Muslim Coalition for Chester Citizens Against Violence and Crime mailed out a letter detailing the request to 16 Muslim-owned businesses last month.

The coalition wants the businesses to stop selling such products because they run counter to Islam and also contribute to the drug and violence problem plaguing Chester. The coalition claims the business owners are ignoring passages in the Quran that call for Muslims to protect others from harm.

“They’re preying on the addictions that plague our community,” Imam Haneef Mahdi said. “We’re trying to eradicate from the root those things that are hurting our community.”

Imam Farid W. Rasool said many people buy blunts from these stores strictly to lace the wraps with marijuana, cocaine or embalming fluid. The latter is known as “wet” on the streets.

Rasool said many of Chester’s youth engaged in drugs and violence identify with the Muslim faith. Coalition leaders said they are tired of seeing these youth — and others who don’t identify with Islam — dying on the streets.

“We have a right to request that you stop contributing to the death of your community,” Keith Muhammad said. “We are asking as a community for you to stop. That should be respected. Certainly, out of the law of Islam, you should be moved.”

Coalition leaders said they are just one cog in a broader effort to improve Chester. They said they simply are asking their fellow Muslims to adhere to their faith and stop taking actions detrimental to the community.

If the business owners do not cease selling forbidden products, the coalition said it will ask the public to stop supporting those businesses.

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