Wednesday, February 22, 2012

He didn't burn a Qur'an, but Muslims want him to burn anyway

Well, maybe sunny-side up.  Lars Vilks drew the cartoons of Muhammad that caused mass riots across the Islamic world in the late 2000's.  He has been the object of Muslim ire ever since.  This last public outing had Muslims launching eggs at Vilks, no injuries were reported.

Omlettes were served after the talk.

From DAWN Feb 22

Prophet Mohammad cartoonist attacked during lecture

Lars Vilks                                                                                                        Photo-AP

STOCKHOLM: The Swedish artist who created a blasphemous sketch of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has been pelted with eggs by a group of people during a university lecture on the limits of the freedom of expression.

According to a police statement, Lars Vilks was unharmed in the attack that occurred at Karlstad University in southwestern Sweden late Tuesday evening.

No one has yet been arrested for the assault, but police say they are investigating the incident.
The 65-year old artist has faced a string of threats over his 2007 sketch, which rekindled a debate over free speech and Islam that had raged a year earlier after a Danish newspaper printed 12 cartoons of Mohammad (PBUH).

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