Friday, February 10, 2012

Malaysia: Celebrating Valentines Day makes you a "Crusader" and you will go straight to Hell

Well of course it will.  Allah would have it no other way.  What a sad time to be in love, a Muslim and unable to show that love in the most universal way possible.  Thank you modern and "moderate" Malaysia.

From The Malaysian Insider Feb 10

Muslims told Valentine’s Day can invoke wrath of God

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 10 — An invitation “to be my Valentine” on February 14 is against Islamic beliefs and would incur the wrath of Allah, Muslims were told today in the official Friday sermon prepared by the federal government.
This, as you see is not some "radical" imam or preacher in a little village 200 clicks from anywhere, this edict is from the federal government.  This would be like Obama saying that official White House policy prohibits Easter egg hunts.  
The sermon warned Muslims against celebrating Valentine’s Day, which the federal Islamic authorities claimed was in breach of the tenets of their religion.
In the text of a sermon provided by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) titled “Awas jerat Valentine” (Beware Valentine’s trap), Muslims were told that asking someone to be his or her “Valentine” could lead to idolatry.
The text of a second optional sermon prepared by the Federal Territory Islamic Department (Jawi), titled “Butakah Cinta?” (Is love blind?), likened celebrating the global day of romance to celebrating the anniversary of “Islam’s fall at the hands of Christians”.
Let's call it Crusader Day, how's that?
Citing a person named Ken Swiger who purportedly wrote an article titled, “Should Biblical Christians Observe It?”, Jakim in the text of its sermon said the word “Valentine” originated from Latin and means “The Bravest, The Strongest, The Most Powerful” to refer to ancient Roman gods Nimrod and Lupercus.
The federal Islamic authority said it was wrong to ask someone to be his or her Valentine.
“Whether they realise or not, if a person asks another person or his partner to ‘Be my Valentine?’ it is clearly an act that is against the Islamic faith and that would invoke the wrath of Allah SWT.
And we know how Allah hates love.
“This is because they are asking a person to be their ‘Most Powerful’ this is the same as reviving the culture of idol worship,” the sermon said.
It added that “love can only be to Allah SWT [and to] his prophet”.
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