Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Democracy in the Egyptian parliament: Salafist politician calls everyone to prayer, rebuked and microphone turned off

The fact that he got up while a peer was speaking, raised his voice and did the azan, or call to prayer is another sign the Salafists, along with the Muslim Brotherhood are marching ahead with their plans to "Islamize" Egypt.  He was silenced for now, but that rampant secularism and Jeffersonian democracy now entrenching itself will surly allow the good speaker to raise the call to prayer when it is required.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists now hold a majority sway in the parliament, there is no reason to expect anything other than the strong arm of Muhammad to rule the day.

From Al-Arabiya Feb 7

Egyptian Salafi MP calls to prayer in parliament session, met with anger
Salafi member of the Egyptian parliament was ordered to “stop talking and remain quiet” by the Speaker after he loudly recited the Azan, or the Muslim call to prayer, while ministers were in session on Tuesday.
Mamdouh Ismail surprised fellow MPs when he stood up from his bench, calling out “God is great … Hasten to prayer,” a call usually made from minarets of mosques. 
He was met with angry remarks from Speaker of the People’s Assembly, Saad al-Katany: “There is a mosque outside for you to go and recite the Azan in and pray in if you want.
“This room is for discussion only. You are not more religious than us nor are you more vigilant over prayer than us,” Katany added.
Ismail received his comments with further protest, but the Speaker retaliated with: “Do you need media attention? You are a respectable lawyer, do you need the attention?
“I will not permit you to talk [in the session] again. Sit down,” he then ordered Ismail, to which the Salafi complied after a few angry gestures. 
His microphone was silenced and he was no longer heard from in the remaining session. 
Ismail said that he gave the call to prayer because it was the time of the Asr, or afternoon, prayer.
“We are not in the Vatican, this is a Muslim country, we need to pray on time,” Ismail said after the session.
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